Mein inaugurates congregation at Tai ethnic cultural festival

KAKOPOTHER, 23 Jan: Arunachal Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein inaugurated a ‘general public congregation’ during the Tai Ethnic Cultural Festival of all Tai communities of Northeast India here in Assam on Sunday.

Addressing the event, Mein highlighted the history of the Tai community of the NE region.

“Apart from those in the Northeastern region, the Tais remain largely concentrated in areas of southern China, Indochina, Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar. The Tai people have a long and rich history of migration, dating back centuries. Throughout their journey, they have faced many challenges, including oppression and discrimination, in their quest to maintain their identity and culture. Despite these obstacles, the Tai people have remained resilient, and their culture and traditions are still alive today. They have held on to their language, customs and religious beliefs, and their unique identity is still very much alive,” the DCM said.

He added that the Tais of the Northeast had greatly contributed in the freedom struggle, citing the examples of great warriors like

Lachit Bharphukan, Ronua Gohain alias Chaupha Planglu, and Piyoli Phukan.

Mein also stressed on the importance of unity and brotherhood among all the communities, and encouraged the people to celebrate their cultures and traditions in a safe and responsible manner. (DCM’s PR Cell)