PAJSC says CBI legal counsel represented Jerang, slams committee report on paper leakage

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, 25 Jan: Claiming that one of the two Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) defense counsels has already represented Taket Jerang, main accused of the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) paper leakage case, the Pan Arunachal Joint Steering Committee (PAJSC) on Wednesday raised serious concern over possible miscarriage of justice in paper leakage case.

Addressing a press conference here at Arunachal Press Club, PAJSC member Tadak Nalo claimed, “One of the CBI legal counsels has already represented accused Taket Jerang couple of times. How can he be in the CBI’s team legal counsel?”

“If the CBI allows him to continue as the legal counsel, there will be a ‘miscarriage of justice’ in the APPSC paper leakage case,” Nalo stated.

“The APPSC paper leakage case is not a normal case, this case is unprecedented case which would determine our future generations,” he added urging the CBI to look into the matter.

The PAJSC informed that CBI is considerably understaffed and it would not be possible for the agency to investigate over 90 exams with that strength.

“CBI should at least increase its staff so that investigation could be expedited, and they should also involve local officers for effective investigation,” Nalo stated.

Nalo further informed that the aspirants have appealed to the CBI to open window or channel so that aspirants could reach out to the premier investigating agency to get update on paper leakage case investigation.

The Arunachal Times was unable to verify the veracity of information provided by the organization with the CBI.

The PAJSC further slammed the three-member committee report on paper leakage case, terming that the report is just advisory in nature and did not reflect the procedural lapses and role of the Administrative Reforms department.

“It is strange to see that the committee that investigated the paper leakage case has not named anyone as responsible for paper leakage rather concluded the report with a lot of advice,” Nalo claimed stating that the three-member committee was just eyewash.

Aspirant Rakpi Bagra questioned All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) for alleged contradictory statements on paper leakage issue. Bagra claimed that AAPSU was in total agreement with All Nyishi Students Union and the aspirants in regard to the 13 points charter of demands.

She further stated that many points in the charter of the demands are yet to be addressed by the state government.

The aspirants acknowledged ANSU team for spearheading the movement and appreciated the SIC for arresting 46 people who are allegedly involved in the scam.

“The government has invited us for a roundtable discussion over the issue on 2nd February. We are optimistic, this meeting would be fruitful,” exhorted Leena Sora PAJSC member adding that the committee will stand by its charter of demands.

Sora further disclosed that an amount of Rs 10.6 lakhs have been collected so far from the donation drive and the aspirants are thinking of extending the drive across the state.

“Every movement needs financial support because this movement involves legal discourse. We assure that every single penny contributed by the like-minded people would be used wisely for the greater cause of the state,” Sora added while appealing to the people to continue supporting their donation drive.