Stand up against radicalisation

In the recently concluded all-India conference of director generals/inspector generals of police, the top police officials of the country raised red flags over the increasing radicalisation of Hindus and Muslims in the country. For the first time, right-wing organisations like the VHP and the Bajral Dal were mentioned as radical organisations.

Also, the demolition of the Babri Masjid, along with the growth of Hindu nationalism, cases of beef-related lynching, and the ‘ghar vapsi’ movement have all been cited as causes for the increasing radicalisation. There is also a worrying mention of a huge surge in radicalisation of Muslim youths in the country. The Popular Front of India, which is now banned, has been cited as one of the most dangerous radical Islamic groups operating in the country. The increase in radicalisation of both Hindus and Muslims should worry everyone. This can destabilise the peace and tranquillity of the nation. It is time everyone comes together and fights against radicalisation. The only way India can move forward on the path of development is by remaining united. If there is social tension, it will lead to economic instability also. The political parties and civil society groups should join hands and stand up against radicalisation of our youths.