AP Queerstation conducts 5th LGBTQIA+ meetup

ITANAGAR, 7 Feb: To maintain the momentum of the queer movement in Arunachal Pradesh, AP Queerstation conducted its 5th ‘Queer Meetup’ on Sunday at the Sango village complex here, and discussed ‘True LGBTQIA+ Allyship’ and the social stigma, taboo and inequality faced by the queer community in the state.

The meetup was attended by more than 100 queer individuals and their allies.

The event unfolded with a speech by queer activist Sawang Wangchha, which was followed by a speech on ‘True LGBTQIA+ Allyship’ by an ally, Tomo Habung (he/his), and technical sessions on mental health issues and legal rights and protection of the community members conducted by psychologist Yuma Narah (she/her) and advocate Ebo Mili (he/him), respectively.

Noted writer Dr Jamuna Bini shared her thoughts and expressed her love and support for the LGBTQIA+ community of Arunachal. She also educated the participants about the existence of queer people in the olden times by speaking about the stories and references to queer characters available in Indian history as well as Indian mythology.

She also shared the story of a queer person she knows, who had to face all kinds of mocking, bullying, and harassment all his life for being a queer person.

Dr Bini promised to continue her endeavour to work for the betterment of the LGBTQIA+ community in Arunachal in the days to come.

The meeting included a story-sharing session, during which one of the members of AP Queerstation Lo Nalo (he/him), identified himself as a trans man, and narrated the story of his coming out before his family and the struggles he faces in daily life because of his gender identity, gender expression, and sexuality.

Chasoom Bosai (she/her) and Wanggo Socia (he/him) read out powerful poems dedicated to the LGBTQIA+ people of the state.

Members of AP Queerstation and their allies also organised a fashion show on the occasion.

The AP Queerstation members expressed gratitude to managing director Kipa Tarang (he/him) and the staff of Sango restaurant for providing them with a safe space to conduct their meetup.