Act as link between people and govt: Guv to MLAs

ITANAGAR, 21 Feb: Governor KT Parnaik on Tuesday called upon the members of the state legislative assembly to act as the link between the people and the government.

Addressing the special session of the House, the governor said that Parliament and legislatures are the cornerstone on which rests the edifice of the democratic polity.

“One of the basic objectives of a representative democracy is to see that governance is carried out keeping in mind the mantra – people first. In parliamentary democracy, the legislature represents the sovereign will of the people,” he said.

“We have to be sensitive and responsive to the problems of the people and give voice to their grievances by raising them on the floor of the House. While doing so, we must rise above narrow sectarian differences and instead build on our dream of shared prosperity,” he said.

The governor said that the essence of democratic values is perhaps best found in the state’s tribal societies, which have maintained consultative decision-making in its purest form.

“In a way, the functioning of this House is an extension of that age-old system that has withstood the test of

changing times and shown the world what our love for democratic traditions is all about,” he said.

“We must make every attempt to preserve this rich heritage. We are committed to further bolstering our ethnic identities and proudly showcase our distinguished culture to the world at large. We have taken up the project of documenting the cultural heritage of many tribes. We have also published indigenous language books – a feat that will go a long way towards preserving our indigenous heritage,” the governor added.

Parnaik said that the political leadership of the state is fully seized of the challenges and opportunities and is working sincerely to usher in a new era of peace and prosperity for its people.

“There is nothing which can stand in the way of Arunachal Pradesh, provided there is will and determination on the part of its people and leaders,” he said.

The governor said that the legislative assembly, being the highest political forum, has played a pivotal role by democratic discussion, debate and decision making, to plan, preserve and promote the interests of the people of the state.

He exhorted the members to “continue to maintain the highest standards of democratic practice and be dedicated completely to the welfare of the people.”

“Today’s Arunachal Pradesh stands between the legacy of an ancient civilisation and the promising horizons of a boundless future,” he said, and expressed hope that the state would emerge as “a land of grace and beauty, a shining jewel amongst the beautiful states that make up the great and glorious country.” (PTI)