‘Birds and bees talk’ organised

NAMSAI, 23 Feb: ‘Durex The Birds and Bees Talk (TBBT)’, in collaboration with the Namsai district administration, the women & child development department, and the Mahila Shakti Kendra, organised a ‘birds and bees talk’ at the Arunachal University of Studies (AUS) here recently.

During the programme, students of the AUS performed a skit on adolescent substance abuse and issues faced during their growing-up stage.

“TBBT teamed up with various departments to ensure maximum reach of the awareness messages to the children and adolescents,” it informed in a release, and added that the skit was “on important topics of growing up life skills such as consent, inclusion, protection, awareness and equity.”

Namsai DDSE KS Umbon commended TBBT’s activities in various schools of the district, “and teachers’ online training.”

She spoke about how learning about bad touch, good touch, etc, leads to increased awareness among the children.

CDPO W Khimhun also spoke.

Reckitt SOA’s external affairs & partnership director Ravi Bhatnagar said, “Our programme is aimed at empowering adolescents with important life skills, as they play an important role in shaping the country’s future.”

“Growing up, children face health issues that get affected by behavioural and psychological changes and social factors. It is important to focus on their wellbeing. In Arunachal, we are working with the education department to reach adolescents and shape them into responsible and healthy adults,” he said.