RGU VC releases book on British ‘medicine diplomacy’

RONO HILLS, 24 Feb: RGU Vice Chancellor Prof Saket Kushwaha on Thursday released a book titled Medicine and Integration of Frontier Tribes: The British and after in Arunachal Pradesh, written by Tajen Dabi.

Published by Delhi-based Primus Books, the book traces the use of medicine as an instrument of diplomacy in the British frontier policy, and as a medium of integration in the post-independent era in Arunachal Pradesh.

“A new domain of knowledge within the sphere

 of British-tribal studies is the highlight of the book: the absence of medical missions; the ‘political’ role of doctors; the European-Indian divide over patronage to the tribes; the post-independent government policy on the integration of tribes; development of modern healthcare infrastructure, etc,” the RGU informed in a release.

Congratulating the author, who is an associate professor in RGU’s history department, Prof Kushwaha suggested sending copies of the book to the PMO and the union education ministry, “so that researches by Arunachali scholars get recognition at national and international policy circles, and that, through their writings, the national interest is served in the strategic state.”

The VC also congratulated Prof Tana Showren, the research supervisor of the author.