Candlelight march taken out in memory of Gangkak

ITANAGAR, 28 Feb: A massive candlelight march was taken out in Itanagar for late Tumi Gangkak, former undersecretary of the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC), who was found dead under mysterious circumstances last Friday.

Organised by the Galo Welfare Society (GWS), thousands of marchers, including members of other CBOs, walked from Akashdeep to the tennis court here on Tuesday evening.

Addressing the gathering later, the NES vice president demanded capital punishment for the culprit(s) involved.

“In any case, he/she should be arrested as soon as possible and capital punishment should be given,” he said.

He reminded everyone that a criminal does not belong to any community. “A criminal is a criminal, no matter which community he/she belongs to. We have to be together in such grieving time and not count ourselves as belonging to a certain community. We have to be united to fight against criminals,” he said.

Adi Bane Kebang capital unit president Tapang Kopak recalled his time with the deceased, who, he said. was his friend. He described Gangkak as “a very sincere, upright and just person.”

He called for the culprit(s) to be awarded “the most stringent punishment” and added that the case be investigated “in a fast-track manner for early justice.”

Also calling for “fast-track justice to the deceased,” Tagin Cultural Society secretary-general Tuter Dulom appealed to the Galo community to trust the investigating agency.

Kargu Kardi Welfare Society president Bajap Jilen said that “this fight for justice is not only for the Kargu Kardi community or the Galo community but it is a fight for every Arunachali.”

“We will continue to fight for justice,” he added.

“This war is not a communal war. This war is not a political war. This war is a war for justice for late Tumi Gangkak,” said GWS general secretary Nyadar Loya.

Speaking of the many unsolved cases, he reminded the state government and the police to do their job.

“Justice delayed is justice denied. We respect the law enforcing agency, but we are also very serious in seeking justice for late Tumi Gangkak, who was murdered,” he added.