Adi fusion song on Unying festival released


MIKONG, 4 Mar: An ‘Adi folksong fusion’ song on Unying-Aran festival, titled ‘Sobo Re-dong’, was released by Bilat CO Tashi Dorjee Bapu, in the presence of the local artistes, here in East Siang district on Friday evening.

The CO said that the festival “is a good medium to display living traditions of the ethnic tribes before people of the world communities,” and asked the community’s members to “keep up their traditional practices through festivities and promote folksongs through fusion with traditional ethos.”

The song has been produced and directed by school teacher Tajing Messar, in memory of his late parents

Obang Messar and Oyi Messar.

Tomz Ezing composed and sang the song, which has other singers also, like Kokom Taboh, Talen Taboh, and Tanung Takoh. Budding singer Tanong Takoh is the lyricist.

Explaining the significance of the title of the song, Takoh said, “The Adi fusion song denotes the evolution of the Abotani people with rearing eso (mithun), which was a holy gift of Daadi Bote (as per Unying festival mythology).

“The descendants of Abotani considered it a sacred animal and used it during holy practices such as festivals, rituals, and marriage ceremonies,” he said.