Prog on crimes against women held

TAWANG, 17 Mar: Presiding officers, members of the internal complaint committee constituted under the PoSH Act, Additional SP Thuptan Jambay, and women police officers and officials attended an awareness programme on ‘Crimes against Women, PWDV Act 2005, PoSH Act 2013 and Mission Shakti’, organised here by the Tawang ICDS project on Friday.

Addressing the participants, ICDS CDPO Dondup Pema said that, “due to awareness programmes, and with the functioning of the one-stop centre (OSC), aggrieved women have been benefitted, but the number of registered cases of domestic violence in Tawang has increased.”

She further said that “reports of cases related to sexual harassment at workplace are also being received by the internal complaint committee.”

OSC administrator Tsering Bhuti and advocates Rinchin Wangmo and Sonam Zangmu spoke on domestic violence, domestic relationship, emotional and economic violence, protection of women from sexual harassment at workplace, and women’s rights. (DIPRO)