Meet of Mountain States in Delhi

ITANAGAR, 23 Mar: The Meet of Mountain States (MoMS)-2023 is being organised in Delhi by the Divecha Centre for Climate Change of the Indian Institute of Science, in collaboration with the MoEFCC.

The meet will bring together members of the IMI, law and policymakers from Indian Himalayan states and the central government, besides researchers and scientists of the IISc, as well as other stakeholders engaged in the Indian Himalayan region.

The objective of the meet is to bring together researchers and policymakers on the identified themes and close the gap between science and policy praxis through collaborative dialogues, actions and networking; to synthesise recommendations of the mountain states, so as to synergize and bring further clarity into the specific policies relevant for the mountains; to create solution pathways for issues faced by the mountains; and to develop policy and research needed to address the sustainability problems.

A ‘Himalayan Declaration’ will be finalised at the MoMS-2023 in Delhi, based on recommendations that evolve with regard to mountain millet key action points to pilot projects of one health and millets in the mountains, pilot actions projects identified for implementation in collaboration with IMI chapters for plastic waste management, finalising EPR recommendations that are specific for mountain states, and develop research and solution pathways needed for mountain sustainability problems.

The MoMS, an initiative of the Integrated Mountain Initiative (IMI), is a collective initiative for recognising the value of mountain regions and enabling people to realise its potential by integrating the knowledge and experiences of multiple stakeholders.

The IMI has been working continuously on addressing cross-cutting issues related to climate change, mountain agriculture and livelihoods, disaster risk reduction and management, plastic waste management and sustainable mountain cities, which are relevant for mountain development.