Priests demonstrate uses of plant species

ITANAGAR, 27 Mar: Six renowned priests – four from the Galo community and one each from the Nyishi and the Apatani communities – demonstrated the uses of different plant species and their importance in traditional rituals during a state-level workshop held at Lingalaya ashram in 6 Kilo, Itanagar, on Monday.

The workshop, themed ‘Natural and intangible heritage, indigenous belief system and ethnic traditional rituals practices by the tribes of Arunachal Pradesh’, was organised by the Arunachal Pradesh State Council for Science & Technology, in collaboration with the Donyi Polo Indigenous Nyijik-Nyikok (Samman) Cultural and Training Forum (DPINNC&TF), to sensitize the people to the natural and intangible

heritage linked with the indigenous belief systems and why the conservation of plant and animal species is necessary to preserve the state’s cultural heritage.

The workshop was inaugurated by DPINNC&TF chief patron Jummar Kamdak.

The DPINNC&TF is a registered forum which facilitates training programmes on designing images of deities and spirits (dipi monam).