Regulate auto fare and behavior


The bustling Capital Complex of our city is home to many commuters who rely on public transportation for their daily commute. Among the various modes of public transportation, auto-rickshaws are one of the most commonly used means of transport in the area. However, in recent times, commuters have been facing a lot of trouble due to the audacity of auto-rickshaw drivers who are raising fares arbitrarily and showing unnecessary attitude to passengers.

One of the primary reasons for this issue is the increasing traffic congestion in the area, which is leading to a longer waiting time for passengers. Many auto-rickshaw drivers are taking advantage of the situation and raising their fares, citing the traffic congestion as the reason. They are demanding fares that are much higher than the rates, and often, passengers are left with no option but to pay the inflated fares.

Moreover, the attitude of some of these auto-rickshaw drivers towards passengers has also become a matter of concern. In many instances, drivers have been seen speaking to passengers in a rude and discourteous tone, which is highly unacceptable. The drivers often refuse to take passengers to their desired destination, citing traffic congestion or other reasons. They also indulge in unnecessary bargaining with passengers and try to extract extra money from them.

The behavior of these auto-rickshaw drivers is highly objectionable, and it is essential that action is taken against them to ensure that passengers are not taken for a ride. It is the responsibility of the authorities to ensure that auto-rickshaw drivers operate as per the rules and regulations and do not indulge in any malpractices.

The administration should take strict action against auto-rickshaw drivers who are found overcharging passengers. They should also ensure that the auto-rickshaw rates are calibrated and that the fares charged are as per the prescribed rates. The department should also conduct surprise checks to ensure that the drivers are not flouting any rules.

The attitude of these auto-rickshaw drivers towards passengers also needs to be addressed. The drivers should be sensitized to the fact that passengers are their customers and that they need to treat them with respect and courtesy. They should also be made aware of the fact that it is their responsibility to take passengers to their desired destination and that they cannot refuse a fare or indulge in bargaining.

Moreover, the concern department should take steps to improve the overall traffic situation in the Capital Complex area. The authorities should explore options like introducing dedicated bus lanes or implementing a congestion pricing system to discourage the use of private vehicles during peak hours. They should also encourage the use of public transportation by improving the frequency and quality of the bus services.

In conclusion, the behavior of auto-rickshaw drivers in the Capital Complex area is highly unacceptable, and it is the responsibility of the authorities to take strict action against them. The administration should also take steps to improve the overall traffic situation in the area, which will go a long way in reducing the waiting time for passengers and ensuring that they do not fall prey to the whims and fancies of auto-rickshaw drivers.

Likha Caral