Sincere regret for this inadvertent error

This is in reference to the article published on your web portal on 9 May 2023 with the title “Books on two French Missionaries killed in Arunachal released”.
The said article speaks of the death of two French Missionaries at the hands of an Arunachal Tribe’s man. The cause of the killing as mentioned in the article is said to be theft and greed, and it is said to be the handiwork of some chair anthropologists/authors, which has caused much hurt to the community belonging to Manyu clan of Mishit Tribe.
The contributor would like to express sincere regret for this inadvertent error and expresses sincere apology for the hurt it may have caused to any of Manyu brothers and sisters.
Moreover, the contributor would like to make correction to the portion that begins with ‘On August 2…” as follows: “There are many versions are spoken of as the cause for the killing. The then British Government did not honour the promise made to Kaisha Manyu for the help he offered to them during their journey to Tibet. In an unfortunate incident, he also lost one of his sons in Kundil river while he was on his way to collect the reward promised in Sadiya. And these two causes are said to be the primary cause for the killing. Any white man during those times was seen as British personnel by the innocent people in the hills. Mistaken identity of the French missionaries to be British officers is also said to be another reason that led to the killing.”
Felix Anthony