Taxonomist Prof AP Das’ book released

RONO HILLS, 16 Sep: A book titled Plant Resources of Rajiv Gandhi University Arunachal Pradesh Trees, authored by renowned taxonomist Prof AP Das and his students Pyonim Lungphi and Dipanker Borah, was released by RGU Vice Chancellor Prof Saket Kushwaha at the university here on Saturday.

On the occasion, Prof Das delivered a lecture on the topic ‘Effects of climate amelioration on environment, biodiversity, and the future of the biosphere’.

He also stressed on the need for adopting sustainable practices, and emphasised the value of traditional knowledge.

The VC in his address emphasised on “the critical need for water conservation in the face of depleting underground reserves,” and urged the attendees to “champion biodiversity preservation and embrace a plastic-free, environmentally conscious lifestyle.”

This was followed by an interactive session, during which the audience posed questions and received insightful responses from Prof Das.

RGU Registrar Dr NT Rikam and Life Sciences Dean Prof Sumpam Tangjang also spoke.