Rejection of Wangsu’s candidature demanded

LONGDING, 29 Mar: Alleging that BJP candidate for Kanubari assembly constituency Gabriel Denwang Wangsu has submitted an incomplete and defective affidavit, a rival candidate has demanded rejection of Wangsu’s candidature.

In a complaint letter to the returning officer for the Kanubari assembly constituency, complainant Nokchai Boham stated that Wangsu, who is the incumbent MLA of Kanubari assembly constituency, and is in government accommodation, has not made declaration of dues against government accommodation in the affidavit.

 The complainant stated that Wangsu, in his affidavit, has kept the serial number 8 (ii) of the affidavit blank, which is a mandatory provision.

“Besides that the affidavit has not been signed and sworn before the Notary Public or any other authorized person under the Act or Rules thereof,” the complaint letter read.