DPYK youth members on E/Siang tour


RUKSIN, 2 May: With the aim of spreading awareness regarding protection and promotion of the indigenous faith and the cultures of the tribes belonging to the Abotani group, the youth members of the Donyi Polo Yelam Kebang (DPYK) of Kiyit (Mebo) in East Siang district launched a five-day inter-village tour programme from Mebo on Tuesday, covering all circles of the district.

The 20-member DPYK team, led by its president Kalong Langkam, reached Ngorlung village in Ruksin circle on Thursday and conducted a programme featuring traditional song, dance and drama at the Ngorlung gangging.

They highlighted various aspects of the mythological beliefs related to the origin and evolution of mankind with other living bodies.

Welcoming the touring team to Ngorlung village, public leader of Ruksin, Tonggeng Panyang asked them to “inculcate a sense of spiritual reform among the village youths for personality development.”

Speaking on the occasion, Ngorlung DPYK unit secretary Ojing Aze urged the members to “follow the ideology of Golgi Bote Talom Rukbo (pioneer of Donyi Poloism).”

He said: “Growing of spiritual reform among youth groups is the only key to keep unity and peace among the community.”

Among others, Ngorlung GB Oge Taying, budding singer Takir Paron, and youth leader Dising Tagi took active part in the programme.

Earlier, the DPYK youth team conducted programmes at Depi-Detak, Debing and Rayang villages. They will organise similar programmes in Mikong in Bilat circle,and at the central gangging in Pasighat on Friday.