Conference on high-altitude illnesses

[Prem Chetry]

SENGE, 5 May: A conference on high-altitude illnesses was conducted for the Indian Army troops, paramedics and paramilitary forces serving in the Tawang region by the Indian Army here in West Kameng district on Saturday.

Indian Army medicos shared their experiences of saving lives of troops affected by high-altitude illnesses and unpredicted incidents due to adverse weather conditions at high altitudes.

High altitude adversely affects the human body and triggers life- threatening conditions.

Some important aspects of high-altitude illnesses discussed during the programme were acclimatisation procedures, physiological conditioning, risk factors,efficacy of traditional approach in treating and managing cold injuries, and ailments such as acute mountain sickness, high-altitude cerebral oedema, high-altitude pulmonary oedema, and high-altitude retinal haemorrhage.

Apart from academic discussions and lectures, the event also included demonstrations on preventive care.

“I am thrilled to gain and share our experiences related to cold injuries and their management at this groundbreaking event on high-altitude illnesses,” a civil doctor from the region said.

Civil doctors and medical professionals from the central armed police force and the civil administration participated in the programme, which was an initiative of the Gajraj Corps.