Agri tools and equipment demo prog

BALIJAN MIKIR, 9 May: The Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA) cell of Nirjuli-based North Eastern Regional Institute of Science & Technology (UBA-NERIST), in collaboration with the All India Coordinated Research Project on Ergonomics Safety in Agriculture (AICRP on ESA) organised an agriculture tools and equipment demonstration programme in Balijan Mikir village in Papum Pare district on Thursday.

Under the leadership of UBA RCI NERIST regional coordinator Dr T Patel and project assistant John Engti, the programme was aimed at “revolutionising traditional farming practices by imparting cutting-edge knowledge and skills to local farmers,” the institute informed in a release, adding that the event served as “a platform for them to embrace the latest advancements in agricultural technology.”

The demonstration showcased several human-friendlytools and equipment, including seeder, weeders, fruit harvesters, pineapple pruners, sickles and maize sheller, designed to optimise agricultural efficiency and maximise productivity.

Through hands-on training sessions led by Engti and his team of experts from UBA RCI NERIST, the farmers were introduced to the innovative technologies and educated on their proper usage and maintenance, the release said.

“This collaborative effort between UBA-NERIST and AICRP on ESA is poised to usher in a new era of sustainable agriculture in the region by equipping thefarmers with the requisite skills and knowledge,” it added.