Healthcare delivery in Kamle discussed

RAGA, 13 May: The Kamle District Health Society (DHS) convened a meeting under the chairmanship of DMO Dr Tage Kanno here on Monday to assess the healthcare scenario in the district, with focus on enhancing service delivery and improving health indicators.

The meeting brought together key stakeholders, including the in-charges of vertical programmes under the National Health Mission and the National AYUSH Mission, along with representatives from various health facilities across the district.

All the participants delivered comprehensive presentations, highlighting the performance of their respective programmes and facilities.

“Central to the discussions were the challenges encountered by the field staff, including issues related to infrastructure and manpower shortages,” the DMO’s office informed in a release, adding that “the participants engaged in constructive dialogue to identify potential solutions aimed at overcoming these hurdles and bolstering healthcare delivery across the district.”

The DMO underscored the importance of maintaining meticulous records of daily activities,and emphasised the significance of on-time reporting.

Dates were set for monthly ASHA review meetings, and the medical officers of all healthcare facilities were directed to personally oversee the recordkeeping activities of the ASHAs to ensure the accuracy of data.

The meeting also included a district-level review and orientation workshop for the forthcoming National Deworming Day, the release stated.