DC assesses tourism potential in Borduria

BORDURIA, 20 May: Tirap Deputy Commissioner Ira Singhal on Monday visited Borduria circle to evaluate the region’s tourism potential.

Accompanied by Circle Officer Yowa Anya and District Tourism Officer T Rigo, the DC explored several key locations to identify opportunities for tourism development.

The DC and her team inspected the historic monolith site in Borduria village. The site, known for its cultural and historical significance, presents a promising opportunity for attracting tourists interested in heritage and archaeology.

Additionally, the team visited the circle headquarters in Borduria and interacted with the local officials and community members to gather insights and suggestions for enhancing the area’s appeal to visitors.

The discussions focused on infrastructure improvement, promotional strategies, and sustainable tourism practices.

Singhal emphasised the importance of preserving the unique cultural heritage of Borduria while developing its tourism potential. “Our goal is to create a sustainable tourism model that benefits the local community and preserves the rich cultural and natural heritage of Borduria circle,” she said.

The DC further said that “the administration plans to collaborate with various stakeholders to implement the recommendations and strategies discussed during the assessment.” (DIPRO)