IMC addresses surge in dog bite incidents with new regulations and public appeal

[ Rhea Panicker ]

ITANAGAR, 29 May: Itanagar Municipal Corporation (IMC) mayor Tamme Phassang on Wednesday informed that the IMC has introduced several regulations for the public in view of the recent spate of dog bite incidents reported from Doimukh to Itanagar.

During a press briefing here, the mayor stated that the new regulation mandates the registration of dogs. “We request the public to raise dogs and cats properly. Registering of dogs will now require the owners to register how many pets they own. We request the public to comply. This is the solution to prevent death of people. This is the system and regulation to this issue.  The public needs to take responsibility for the animals they bring but never take care of,” he stated.

Informing that around 20 cases related to dog bites are reported daily, Phassang stated that it requires immediate attention from everyone. “Our officers have been diligently working on this problem for the past few days, including our senior officer from the veterinary department. Every sector face challenges but the dog biting issue has become particularly serious,” Phassang added.

While strictly opposing killing of dogs, the mayor advised the general public to “avoid disturbing dogs during mating season, not tying them forcefully, and ensure they are walked regularly.”

Further, the mayor appreciated the Assam-based NGOs and local NGO for Dogs and Cats besides, the DC, administration and concerned departments for their help and support.

“Everyone involved has contributed significantly, including financial support from their own pockets,” Phassang said and appealed to politicians, responsible individuals and business community to come forward in this time of crisis.