Rampant earth-cutting in and around ICR


I would like to bring to your attention the rampant earth-cutting occurring in and around the Itanagar Capital Region (ICR).

This practice has led to severe consequences for the local community and the environment, necessitating immediate intervention from the district administration, the municipal corporation and the state pollution control board.

The unchecked earth-cutting activities have clogged sector roads and highway drainage systems with debris, disrupting proper drainage and increasing the risk of landslides and rapid deposition of eroded soil, which pose a serious threat to life and property.

One of the most affected areas is Bath village near Ganga Lake, where sediment from extensive earth-cutting has caused widespread devastation, destroying residential buildings and displacing many inhabitants.

Additionally, construction activities near streams in various parts of the capital have led to significant erosion and damage to sector roads. Many structures are built perilously close to natural streams, disrupting the free flow of water, narrowing the streams, and causing rapid sediment buildup, which leads to property damage and other structures. The erosion of sector roads further exacerbates the situation, making them unsafe and difficult to navigate.

Furthermore, the careless dumping of construction materials such as aggregates and sand on roadsides creates hazards for pedestrians and vehicles, reduces the city’s aesthetic appeal, and blocks drainage systems, leading to waterlogging and potential flooding.

It is crucial to respect the natural routes of streams and allow the streams to flow naturally to prevent erosion and rapid deposition of sediments along the banks.

I urge the authority concerned to enforce strict regulations on earth-cutting activities to ensure that people downstream are not affected and the highway drainage systems are not obstructed. Regular surveillance on construction activities is essential, especially to prevent construction near streams and careless dumping of materials on roadsides.

Addressing these concerns promptly will help maintain the safety and functionality of our city’s infrastructure, ultimately benefiting all residents and visitors.

Yumlam Bai,