ANYA seeks special fin’l package for people affected by natural calamities

ITANAGAR, 8 Jul: The All Nyishi Youth Association (ANYA) has urged the state government to release a special financial package under the Disaster Management Act for relief and rehabilitation of the people affected by the recent natural calamities, as well as for restoration of the damaged public properties and infrastructure.

In a representation to Chief Minister Pema Khandu, the association said that floods and landslides have caused significant loss of lives and livelihood, displacement of families, and extensive damage to infrastructure across the state.

 “The situation demands swift action to alleviate the suffering of those affected, and to aid in the restoration of normalcy,” the representation read.

It appealed to the chief minister to take prompt action to release required funds and resources to the district disaster management authorities for efficient and equitable distribution.

The association appealed for providing food, clean drinking water, clothing and medical assistance to the affected families; arranging temporary shelters and rehabilitation centres for the displaced families who have lost their homes; and ensuring adequate medical care and counselling for those traumatised by the disasters.

“Seeing the hardship of the affected people, and to overcome the present situation, the government should provide a special fund package for them,” the representation read. It appealed also for taking measures to “revive local economies and support affected individuals in resuming their livelihoods.”

Stating that landslides and floods have caused extensive damage to public properties, including roads and bridges, the ANYA appealed for early allocation of fund for restoration of the damaged infrastructure.

“Timely intervention is crucial to prevent further hardships and mitigate the impact of this disaster on our communities,” the association said.