Destruction of BRTF road brings woes to border district

[ Bengia Ajum ]

KOLORIANG, 8 Jul: The destruction of the Koloriang-Sarli BRTF road here in Kurung Kumey district is causing immense difficulty to the people of Sarli and nearby areas who depend on this road for communication.

On 1 July, three bridges, along with culverts and roads, were washed away due to heavy rainfall. This road comes under Project Arunank, and is looked after by the Ziro (L/Subansiri)-based 756 BRTF commander.

The locals have alleged that more than a week has passed but the BRTF authorities are not doing enough to restore the road.

“We do understand that restoration is going to take time. But the BRTF needs to start working on the ground as soon as possible,” said a resident.

The locals said that the people of the area are facing immense trouble due to the blockage of the Koloriang-Sarli road. “Food and other essential items are unable to be transported to us. Hospital patients are facing torrid times. The state government should put pressure on the BRTF to speed up the restoration work,” the locals added.

Meanwhile, talking to this daily, Kurung Kumey SP Bomken Basar informed that the BRTF has assured to restore the Koloriang-Sarli road within 20 days.

“They have assured to restore this stretch in the next 20 days. This is major damage and it is going to be very tough to restore the road,” the SP said.

He further informed that efforts are being made to find alternative ways to ensure that food supply reaches Sarli.

“The Damin-Sarli road is clear. Also, the Parsi Parlo-Damin road is getting cleared. The district administration has come up with a plan to send food items through this route until the Koloriang-Sarli road is made through,” he added.

 The SP informed also that Kurung Kumey DC Vishakha Yadav visited the blockage area on Monday to take stock of the ground reality.

The situation in Kurung Kumey district is grim due to the damages caused to the road and other vital infrastructures, as the district is being battered by monsoon rainfall.

Kurung bridge, which connected Koloriang with neighbouring districts, was washed away on 1 July. In several areas, food and fuel crises are being reported due to blockages caused by heavy rainfall.