Vijaynagar remains cut off from rest of state

[ Samshum Changmi ]

MIAO, 9 Jul: Vijaynagar circle in Changlang district remains cut off from the rest of the state for more than two weeks now due to severe landslides triggered by continuous heavy rainfall.

The Miao-Vijaynagar (MV) road, spanning 157 kms through the Namdapha National Park & Tiger Reserve, under the PMGSY, has sustained major collapses at various points, including 14 Mile, 15Mile, 23 Mile, 35 Mile, and 74 Mile, as well as the critical stretch between Gandhigram and Vijaynagar.

These collapses have rendered the area inaccessible for the residents.

While the entire state grapples with devastating floods following incessant rain, Vijaynagar circle faces significant impacts from landslides and road blockages.

Manjil Thakuri, a resident of Two Hut village in Vijaynagar, who has been stranded since 27 June, expressed deep concern over the slow progress of road clearance efforts. He said that many individuals who had gone to Miao for essential items, such as ration and medicines, remain unable to return home due to road closures.

The residents have criticised the local authorities for the reported delay in promptly deploying machinery to clear the roads despite emergency preparedness

¬†along the MV road. They argued that “insufficient efforts exacerbate the plight of those stranded.”

Earlier this week (1 July), the Yobin Welfare Society (YWS) appealed to the Miao administration for assistance in clearing the road, essential for providing supplies to the residents of Vijaynagar. The association also highlighted the plight of the individuals stranded in Miao due to the road closure, and sought immediate action.

Further, the YWS urged the Miao ADC to lift the movement restrictions imposed by the authority of the Namdapha Tiger Reserve after 5 pm, in order to facilitate better access and aid delivery during this challenging period.

Meanwhile, Miao ADC RD Thungon said that clearing of the roads is underway.

“At some points, the road needs to be cut afresh as the entire road has been washed away. We anticipate that the road should be passable in a day or two,” Thungon said.

The MV road was opened for traffic in 2023. Passing through the Namdapha National Park & Tiger Reserve, a major portion of the road between 10 Mile and 78 Mile is composed of GSB. Historically prone to brief blockages during the monsoon season due to its narrow, winding nature, this year has seen the MV road closed for more than 15 days.