Should there be a pre-board exam/selection test for Class 10 students in Arunachal?

Comments from readers: - 1. Absolutely. Had it been implemented properly, the scenario of the results would have been much better. The higher authorities need to revive the rules and prioritize the education sector. The education system has been in a shambles and it's disheartening seeing the poorest of scenarios...

Do you think that candidates getting elected unopposed is in the interest of democracy?

Yes 60 Votes (13.7%) No 361 Votes (82.6%) I don’t know 16 Votes (3.7%)

AFSPA should be repealed.

Agree 336 Votes (67.33%) Disagree 110 Votes (22.04%) Not sure 53 Votes (10.62%)    

Has the state government kept its promises made during the 2019 election?

Comments from readers: - 1. We are still waiting and noticing. 2. It is still the same old method to fool our common people. 3. The government has failed each and every individual of the state. Despite there being BJP government at the Centre and in the state, they have failed to...

How long will it take for the newly laid four-lane road in the capital...

Two months 286 Votes (43.60%) Six months 178 Votes (27.13%) One year 192 Votes (29.27%)

Govt of Arunachal should repair Naharlagun-Banderdewa road

Agree 498 Votes (89.09%) Disagree 61 Votes (10.91%)

Will you vote for the party or the candidate in the upcoming parliamentary...

Comments from readers: - 1. Work or any progress has to be made by the candidate and not by the party. So, choosing a good candidate can bring many positive developments. 2. A person of good morality and leadership quality will get my vote, irrespective of his party. Honesty and trustworthiness...

Should educational institutions reopen by Oct end?

Yes 234 Votes (37.62%) No 344 Votes (55.31%) I don’t know 44 Votes (7.07%)  

Rapid antigen tests (RAT) should be completely replaced by RT-PCR/TrueNat tests.

Agree 361 Votes (76.65%) Disagree 110 Votes (23.35%)

APPSC needs a complete overhaul

Agree 806 Votes (95.05%) Disagree 42 Votes (4.95%)

Are community-based organizations relevant in our state?

Comments from readers: - 1. Community-based organisations are the greatest dividers of the Arunachalee society. The so-called tribe-based and clan-based organisations should be discouraged and all-round district-based or circle-based organisations should be encouraged, which would include people form every section of the society, irrespective of tribe, clan, gender, etc. 2. It...

Would the money being collected for Ram temple in Ayodhya be better used for...

Yes 297 Votes (57.7%) No 185 Votes (35.9%) I don't know 33 Votes (6.4%)  

Taking the census of only the Chakmas and Hajongs is illegal.

Agree 319 Vote (60.3%) Disagree 210 Vote 39.7%

Is creation of so many districts justified in Arunachal Pradesh?

We received 1,914 submissions in response to our latest poll: Is creation of so many districts justified in Arunachal Pradesh? Of the total votes received, 69.07% or 1,322 readers do not agree with the creation of these many districts in the state, while 24.92 % or 477 have agreed that...

Should NRC exercise be carried out in other northeastern states?

Comments from readers: - 1. Yes! It should be. But for Arunachal, it is not required because our state is protected by the BEFR, 1873. Forget about foreigners, even Indian citizens who are non-APST are not allowed here. Therefore, the government of Arunachal should instead strictly instruct all the district...