Saturday, February 29, 2020

Are you satisfied with the state budget ?

Comments from readers: - 1. If this type of budget could have been prepared since 1987 then every Arunachalee would have been the richest person on Earth. 2. The new processes adopted for implementation and execution of the new schemes are appreciated. Fresh creation of jobs to minimize unemployment is also...

Are you satisfied with the performance of Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission?

Comments: 1. Oh, come on! That's a good joke. APPSC and efficiency are a metaphor of night and day. Satisfaction from them is nowhere even a valid question. 2. The APPSC has not been ale to conduct a single exam freely and fairly in spite of it being the epitome of...

Is Arunachal equipped to handle natural disasters?

Comments from readers: - 1. Our state government is ill-equipped to handle natural disasters. Frequently occurring calamities have failed to make any substantial change on the part of the authorities. This opinion might be harsh, but this is the reality. However, it is expected that those at the helm of...

Do you know someone who is dependent on narcotic substance/drugs ?

Comments from readers: - 1. It's not suitable to say their names... but there are many friends of mine who are addicted to narcotics. 2. Drug problem is becoming rampant. Youngsters, both boys and girls, are seen indulging in it mostly in the form of bhaang or cannabis. They perceive it...

Do you believe Itanagar will get an operational airport in the next five years?

Comments: 1. Greedy people will rack up the compensation issue, and it will take more than two decades to get completed. 2. Two important bridges over Siang/Brahmaputra took more than a decade to complete. Ranaghat Bridge in Pasighat under East Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh was completed in 20 years and...

Should the Election Commission of India suspend the election process in Kurung Kumey district...

Comments from readers: - 1. No, because so much has already happened. The public acted very injudiciously and inappropriately, making it uneasy for the voters who had come from far-off places to vote as the situation started getting tense after the actual polling took place and people who had to...

Should the Centre do away with Article 371 (H)?

Comments from readers: - 1. For true democracy, power should be with the chief minister not the governor. Article 371 gives power to the governor to undermine the chief minister. 2. Article 371 (H) grants no special rights as that of 371 (A). It's just eyewash. 3. Yes, instead of this article,...

Did the state administration and police overreact to the Republic Day flag incident in...

Comments from readers: - 1. When so many corrupted officials and leaders are spared and can live with dignity in this country, then why cannot the authorities ignore such unintentional mistakes? 2. It's an unfortunate incident that happened on Republic Day, but suspending the police personnel in-charge was not a justified...


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