Friday, March 22, 2019

Is there a credible opposition party in Arunachal?

Comments from readers: - 1. Congress is BJP and BJP is Congress. 2. No. Either opposition will defect into ruling or ruling into opposition. 3. They are not credible, never have been, just opportunistic maggots feeding on issues. 4. What Arunachal truly need is a strong indigenous party that has its priorities figured...

Is Arunachalee society civil in true sense ?

Comments from readers: - 1. A decaying society. 2. The cause for the recent Anti-PRC protests may have been genuine but the uncivilized mentality of the people came to the fore when they started daylight looting of various shops, benefiting from the chaos the protests had thrown the town into. A...

Are you satisfied with central minister and Arunachal West MP Kiren Rijiju’s performance?

Of the total 2122 votes polled, 1,183 (55.75%) readers said they are not satisfied with Kiren Rijiju's performance, while 788 voters (37.13%) expressed their satisfaction (see poll results). The comments, however, are largely in favour of the minister. Comments: 1. He should stop being a 'yes man' and start being more assertive about...

Did the state administration and police overreact to the Republic Day flag incident in...

Comments from readers: - 1. When so many corrupted officials and leaders are spared and can live with dignity in this country, then why cannot the authorities ignore such unintentional mistakes? 2. It's an unfortunate incident that happened on Republic Day, but suspending the police personnel in-charge was not a justified...

Are you satisfied with the performance of Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission?

Comments: 1. Oh, come on! That's a good joke. APPSC and efficiency are a metaphor of night and day. Satisfaction from them is nowhere even a valid question. 2. The APPSC has not been ale to conduct a single exam freely and fairly in spite of it being the epitome of...

Is creation of so many districts justified in Arunachal Pradesh?

We received 1,914 submissions in response to our latest poll: Is creation of so many districts justified in Arunachal Pradesh? Of the total votes received, 69.07% or 1,322 readers do not agree with the creation of these many districts in the state, while 24.92 % or 477 have agreed that...

Is ‘Arunachal Rising’ a political gimmick?

There were 1,023 responses, out of which 787 said that Arunachal Rising is a political gimmick, while 142 said that it is not a gimmick.   We reproduce some of the comments: 1. It's an honest endeavour to reach out to the people at their doorsteps. From the fact that many villagers...

Do you believe Itanagar will get an operational airport in the next five years?

Comments: 1. Greedy people will rack up the compensation issue, and it will take more than two decades to get completed. 2. Two important bridges over Siang/Brahmaputra took more than a decade to complete. Ranaghat Bridge in Pasighat under East Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh was completed in 20 years and...

Are you satisfied with the performance of the Pema Khandu government?

A total of 1692 readers responded to the poll. 519 expressed satisfaction with Chief Minister Pema Khandu's government, while 910 readers said they were not happy with the performance of the government. 209 readers were not sure about the performance of the government (see poll results for details).   Are you...


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