Monday, August 19, 2019

Should the Election Commission of India suspend the election process in Kurung Kumey district...

Comments from readers: - 1. No, because so much has already happened. The public acted very injudiciously and inappropriately, making it uneasy for the voters who had come from far-off places to vote as the situation started getting tense after the actual polling took place and people who had to...

Is Arunachal equipped to handle natural disasters?

Comments from readers: - 1. Our state government is ill-equipped to handle natural disasters. Frequently occurring calamities have failed to make any substantial change on the part of the authorities. This opinion might be harsh, but this is the reality. However, it is expected that those at the helm of...

Did you sell your vote during the 11 April simultaneous elections?

Comments from readers: - 1. I'm not for sale. 2. Better get Rs 15,000 now because I will get nothing in the next 5 years. 3. As a responsible citizen, I voted for development and not for money. 4. In Arunachal Pradesh everyone is corrupted, everyone is running after money. So I must...

Will the citizenship amendment bill affect the voting pattern in Arunachal?

Comments from readers: - 1. Very little, as at this moment most of the common people are uneducated on this issue. 2. Most of Arunachal votes for cash and contracts. No one cares about real party politics and the future of the state and the people. 3. Not at all. Nobody is...

Is the involvement of underground elements in elections a threat to the state’s future?

  Comments from readers: - 1. Ironically, UG elements were brought into action in Arunachal by our selfish politicians back in the 1990s. Because of their greed for power and throne, the poor public is still suffering and this is going to continue forever. Even this time, some of the power-hungry...

Is the trend of winning elections uncontested fair in a democracy?

Comments from readers: - 1. It is tantamount to betrayal and deception against the voters of a constituency. The nexus and conspiracy among the candidates pave way for corruption and people cannot exercise their right to adult franchise. The candidates who withdraw after standing should not be considered next time...

Are you aware of marches by school students across the world regarding climate change

Comments from readers: - 1. It's good to know that children are actively taking part in saving our planet from climate change. They are the torchbearers of the future generation. 2. Climate change and global warming are a great threat to humanity and all living things existing on the blue planet....

Is there a credible opposition party in Arunachal?

Comments from readers: - 1. Congress is BJP and BJP is Congress. 2. No. Either opposition will defect into ruling or ruling into opposition. 3. They are not credible, never have been, just opportunistic maggots feeding on issues. 4. What Arunachal truly need is a strong indigenous party that has its priorities figured...

Is Arunachalee society civil in true sense ?

Comments from readers: - 1. A decaying society. 2. The cause for the recent Anti-PRC protests may have been genuine but the uncivilized mentality of the people came to the fore when they started daylight looting of various shops, benefiting from the chaos the protests had thrown the town into. A...

Will you vote for the party or the candidate in the upcoming parliamentary...

Comments from readers: - 1. Work or any progress has to be made by the candidate and not by the party. So, choosing a good candidate can bring many positive developments. 2. A person of good morality and leadership quality will get my vote, irrespective of his party. Honesty and trustworthiness...


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