Association against disturbing activities in Ganga Lake

ITANAGAR, Aug 29: The All Lorr Bath Youth Association (ALBYA) has objected to granting permission to any organization, individual or group to conduct activities in Ganga Lake and its vicinity that can pose threat to the lake and disturb its environment.
Stating that an association has been granted permission to organize a fishing competition in the lake from September 9 by the authority concerned, the ALBYA, in a representation to the Chief Secretary, appealed for immediate revocation of the permission granted to the said organization.
The association stated that recently a DJ night was held by an organization in the vicinity of the lake, which has polluted and disturbed the peaceful environment of the lake.
A representation was submitted to the Chief Secretary by IX Bath-Ganga Panchayat on August 18, appealing her office not to grant permission to any individual, groups or NGOs to organize such activities in the vicinity of Ganga Lake without proper intimation to the Panchayat leaders and association of the area.
The association lamented that in spite of the representation, permission has been granted to organize the fishing tournament in the lake.
The association threatened to organize ‘Chakka Bandh’ on September 9 from Zoo Tinali to Ganga Lake (Gyakar Sinyik), if the authority fails to fulfil its demand within eight days.