AMBK reach out to Siang, Upper Siang

PASIGHAT, Sept 8: The executives of Adi Mising Baane Kebang (AMBK) recently reached out to the Siang and Upper Siang districts in its effort to promote unity and harmony. The organization conducted a series of meeting at Sumsing, Karko, Jengging, Komkar and Geku-Peram villages and sensitized the rural people about the ongoing efforts of AMBK.
The ABMK team also met Sumsing village fire victims and donated a cash amount of Rs 40,000 as relief assistance. The fire gutted six dwelling houses at Sumsing on July 27 this year.
The team also visited different villages at Geku-Mariyang constituency and gathered historical inputs about the origin and evolution of Adi-Mising tribes.