Hostel accommodation

Dear Editor,
Through your esteem daily, I would like to put up the grievances of those students who were selected for allotment of seat at Tai Bida boys hostel, DNGC.
Time period for maintenance was one year and hostel was supposed to reopen during the 2016-17 academic session but it got delayed with a notice that it shall reopen from 2017-18 academic session.
But again it got delayed for two months.
Now when the hostel is ready and merit list is out and students are supposed to be at the hostel, again it is extended and the reason is AAPSU, the guardian of students community whose prime duty is to fight when students community are deprived.
But the thing is not as we expect. Delegates from various district are to be accommodated at Tai Bida hostel.
The students were hoping to shift to hostel as soon as possible because rent is high.
It’s hard to afford because we do not earn.
I am not saying what AAPSU did is wrong but the place of accommodation is wrong. They could have chosen some other place.
Lindum Mama