Anini police registers FIR against three AP govt officials

[ Karyir Riba ]
Roing, Oct 27: The Anini Police has lodged FIR against three Government officials, including a magistrate who recently was alleged of illegally confining three minor girls and serving them liquor at their official quarter for a night.
The police informed that they have dispatched official intimation to the three officers.
The complaint against the trio was filed by the distraught father of a 15 years old, standard X student of GHSS Anini, one of the three minor girls. The father has claimed that his daughter was held captive without his knowledge by the officials at the government quarter. As he was away from home, only after his wife informed him about his missing daughter did he come to know of the misdeed of the officials.
According to reports, on the 1st of October 2017, the girl was invited to the official quarter by her friends. The three girls were having a friendly chat with the three men, and later into the evening, they were offered some liquor by the men.
After drinking together for some time, the girls were asked by the men to stay back for the night as it was too late for them to return home.
On the following day, reportedly, the six of them, joined in by another male official, went for a drive to Anini-Mipi road. Later in the evening, at around 7, the girl was dropped off at a relative’s house at Kaji village, from where the mother brought her home to Aliney.
While his daughter is a minor, the three adults involved, one of them a magistrate, should have informed the parents about the whereabouts of their daughter, he said.
In his complaint, the father has requested the police to book the culprits under POCSO, claiming child abuse and sexual harassment.