Kaso appeals Christians (Catholic) to become good human beings

ITANAGAR, Nov 12: Parliamentary Secretary PWD, UD, TP cum local MLA Techi Kaso has appealed to the Catholic Christians to become a good human being and avoid ego.
Addressing at the inaugural function of St. Joseph Catholic Church at Gohpur Tinali on Sunday, Kaso also asked them to maintain human dignity and stay away from fine system which is still prevailing in the society. He also appealed them to support the development works of the state government.
Everything is possible by the grace of god. Every person has rights to practice their faith and we Christians should move forward, he added.
In his address, Bishop of Itanagar, Dr. John Thomas, D.D appealed the believers to work for welfare of the mankind and social development.
Social Justice and Empowerment and Tribal Affairs (SJETA) Director, Yumlam Kaha stressed on maintaining own tradition and culture. He requested the church leaders to promote indigenous language, tradition and culture along with their missionary activities in different parts of the state as the younger generation are getting away from the own language and tradition.
Arunachal Pradesh Catholic Association President, Taw Tebin said “we are not against the government but shall extend support to the Arunachal Christian Forum (ACF) in its movement.
Among others, IMC Councillor Tatung Tania, Church Secretary Sorang Tallo, state BJP Vice President and Chief Spokesperson Dominic Tadar and large numbers of catholic believers were present on the occasion.