Pema announces Rs 20 cr for Department of Indigenous Affairs

Indigenous Faith Day

ITANAGAR, Dec 01: Chief Minister Pema Khandu said that a budget provision of Rs 20 crore for the Department of Indigenous Affairs (DIA) has been kept, including a Secretary appointed for the Department.
The Chairman and the members of the Department will also be appointed soon, the Chief Minister said, while addressing the Indigenous Faith Day celebration at Nyikum Niya ground, Nirjuli on Friday.
Underscoring the need for preserving and safeguarding the culture and traditions of our forefathers, he urged the younger generations to uphold and maintain it for the generations to come.
At the same time he stressed on preservation of local languages and urged the parents and the elders to teach their children to speak in their own mother tongue.
Stating that he is against forceful conversion, Pema appealed to all to maintain religious tolerance since everyone has the freedom to practice religion of his/her own choice.
He also recalled Golgi Bote Talom Rukbo’s contribution to the indigenous faith movement in the state.
Agriculture Minister Wangki Lowang stressed the need for documentation and preservation of the indigenous culture.
Chief Information Commissioner Dr Joram Begi, IFSCAP President Ligu Tacho, Secretary Bai Taba and members from Nyishi Elite Society (NES) and Arunachal Indigenous Tribes Forum (AITF) attended the celebration. Indigenous Faith Day was also celebrated in various parts of the state with religious fervor and gaiety.
Attending the celebration at Tezu, Art and Culture Minister Dr. Mohesh Chai re-affirmed the people of the State that the ruling State Government is determined to uphold the cultural integrity of different tribes of the State.
“The State Government under the leadership of Chief Minister Pema Khandu is determined to uphold the cultural integrity of different tribes of our State. And, I being the Minister for Art and Culture have the responsibility towards promotion and preservation of our indigenous culture and traditions, including faith and belief, he said.
Emphasizing the need for preservation of ones own culture and traditions, Dr. Chair said: “We should embrace modernity but we should not let it overshadow our identity.”
Worried by the UNESCO listing many local languages/dialects in the list of endangered languages, the Minister called upon every Arunachalee to realize their responsibility and safeguard their linguistic diversity.
“It is our individual responsibility to uphold the age-old culture and traditions passed down by multiple generations,” he said.
Lohit District Deputy Commissioner Karma Leki said that change and modification with time are inevitable; but the change should be withholding the true essence of our traditions and culture.
He called for peace and communal harmony among all tribes in the district.
Earlier, Soni Muri, Acting President of IFCSAP, Tezu Unit paid homage to Golgi Bote Talom Rukbo and highlighted the aims, objectives and the importance of Indigenous Faith Day celebration in the State.
Dr. Tasi Taloh, Principal Indira Gandhi Government College, Tezu also emphasized the need for preservation, protection and promotion of indigenous faith and culture.
The programme was organised by Indigenous Faith and Cultural Society of Arunachal Pradesh, Tezu Unit.
Hundreds of believers representing various Kargu Gamgis and representatives from various communities attended the Indigenous Faith cum Donyi Polo Day celebration at Gumin Kiin.
Moji Bagra, who chaired the day-long programme, said that our identities are established by the faith and culture we exhibit and it is important to imbibe our cultural values and promote peace and harmony.
Doi Ado, Chief Advisor, Mogi Ori, President Donyi Polo Dere Trust Committee and Central Donyi Polo Kargu Gamgi Council Secretary Doi Kamduk and Vice President Jumda Lendo elaborated the concept of Donyi Poloism and indigenous faith and called upon all believers to take pride in it and make all out effort to preserve and propagate it.
At Yazali, Nyishi Elite Society (NES) President Bengia Tolum exhorted gathering to preserve and protect the Identity of indigenous community, stating that “Loss of culture is loss of identity.”
“Wearing traditional attire, speaking your own mother tongue is preservation of culture; but to preserve your identity, you have to preserve your faith and beliefs” he said.
Medical Officer (Yazali) Dr. Tao Tassar highlighted the importance of celebrating the Indigenous Faith and Culture Day.
Nabam Chada, Jt. Secretary NIFCS, Lower Subansiri briefed on Indigenous Faith Day and appealed everyone to protect, preserve and promote indigenous faith and culture.
The programme was attended by NIFCS, Chairman, Nyedar Namlo, Yazali, public and students of Yazali circle.
Attending the Indigenous Faith Day celebration at Raga, local MLA and Parliamentary Secretary (Animal Husbandry & Dairy Development) Tamar Murtem appealed to the public to maintain their age-old culture and traditions for identity.
Responding to a memorandum submitted by Nyedar Namlo Raga/ chairman and secretary of Indigenous Faith and Cultural Society, Raga unit for construction of a building for research and documentation of Nyishi culture and tradition, the Parliamentary Secretary assured to take up the matter with the government with priority.
Murtem is currently on a two days visit of his constituency.
Along with rest of state Tirap Indigenous People Society (TIPS) celebrated the Indigenous Faith Day enthusiastically at Nehru Stadium, Khonsa.
Believers of Indigenous faith from Lapnan, Chasa, Tupi, Noksa, Thinsa and Khonsa village, teachers and students from various government schools attended the celebration.
Addressing the gathering, ADC Techu Aran urged parents to help their children learn mother tongue and encourage them to speak it at home. By learning and speaking our own languages, he said, we can preserve our culture and traditions.
He also appealed to community members to maintain peace and harmony.
Tirap ZPC Sontung Bangsia urged the gathering to learn to love the cultural heritage passed down through generations.
TIPS President Sephua Wangsu highlighted the importance of Indigenous Faith Day and the danger posed to indigenous languages. He said that of the nearly 70,000 language in the world, one language dies in every two weeks.