Month of new and progressive resolutions

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[ M Panging ]
In recent days, Arunachalees residing in areas adjoining the Siang River have been going through traumatized times.
The Siang, which becomes the Brahmaputra in Assam, is the lifeline of the region, and many generations of Arunachalees and Assamese are dependent on this mighty river. However, lately the waters of the river have become muddy. Normally, by winter the waters of the Siang River become clear and pristine. Not this year! Along with the waters becoming muddy, many of the river’s fish have also migrated away from the Siang.
This has sparked fears in the minds of people of the region that China is carrying out large-scale activities on the YarlungTsangpo in Tibet, or polluting the river. This writer had already pointed out that China has built and inaugurated one dam on the river at Zangmu. Two more dams are under construction over the river. The fear is that China has started work to divert the waters of the river through a 1000 km long tunnel, as reported earlier. This may have catastrophic effects on the livelihood of lakhs of people living in Arunachal, Assam, and Bangladesh.
It may be pointed out that India does not have a river water treaty with China. The governments of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam should flag this important issue to the central government urgently. It is also incumbent on the central government to take up this vital issue with China at the earliest. If the waters of the Siang and the Brahmaputra remain muddy for a few more months, it may have a major impact on the local environment, and on the livelihood of lakhs of people of the region.
Recently, the APPSC conducted examinations for filling up new administrative posts. However, many controversies have arisen immediately after the examinations, with some of the aspirants demanding that fresh examinations be conducted. Readers will recall that the APPSC has been plagued by many controversies in the past. As a premier recruiting agency of the state, it remains a challenge for the Commission to hold a controversy-free recruitment.
These last few months have also been marked by the formation of three new districts. While Kamle district has already been promulgated, the government has announced the creation of LepaRada and Mechukha districts. It appears that everyone is demanding new districts in our state. Considering the geographical depth of our state, creation of districts may help fast delivery and better control of administrative facilities, but too many districts may lead to the concept of districts/sub-divisions/circles to become redundant. At this rate, we may soon have one district per constituency!
December has heralded the end of the current year, and the readiness to usher in the New Year. Let me remind the readers that the time has come for the citizens and the State Government to think about new and progressive resolutions for the New Year! (The contributor is Retired Group Captain VM)