Forum seeks full payment of compensation

ITANAGAR, Jan 11: A group of citizens under the aegis of the Yazali Zilla Segment Trans-Arunachal Highway Compensation Deprived Forum has written to the Lower Subansiri deputy commissioner, seeking full payment of compensation as per the rate approved in a notification issued in 2011.
The forum claimed that, though citizens willingly accepted the 2011 rate, the recent compensation issued by the district administration did not follow the 2011 rate.
The compensation has been handed over without clearing the disputed structures, land, and agriculture, horticulture and forest items, etc, as per the approved rate, it said.
The forum also questioned the way compensation was paid.
‘Some of us don’t know how much land the district administration is acquiring, at what rates it is paying compensation, and for which properties. In several instances we sought re-verification but the authorities concerned have turned a blind eye to our request,’ the forum wrote.
It asked the district administration to make full payment on or before 20 January, saying it will otherwise launch a democratic movement.