Orgs seek investigation into student’s suicide

NAMSAI, Jan 11: The Cultural and Literary Society of Mishmi and the Tezu-based All Mishmi Women Welfare Society have in a letter to the Namsai deputy commissioner on Thursday sought a thorough and speedy investigation into the alleged suicide of a class 5 student.
The 10-year-old student allegedly committed suicide at the Kid’s Home Hostel here on 8 January.
Condemning the hostel authorities for their failure to ensure the safety of the boarders – which they said resulted the tragic death of the student – the organisations demanded an investigation into the role of the authorities of Sand Valley Private School/Kid’s Home Hostel in the incident.
‘The circumstantial evidence and the suspicious role of the hostel authority prima-facie points to foul play in the alleged suicidal death of the young student,’ the organizations claimed, adding that the father of the deceased has in his FIR disclosed that the student had earlier complained to him about being meted out corporal punishment at the hostel – and that the father had then reported the matter to the hostel authorities.