Trg on kiwi cultivation imparted

KAHO, Jan 22: Thirty farmers benefited from a training programme on ‘scientific cultivation of kiwi fruit’ conducted here in Anjaw district by the KVK on 18 January.
Kaho, the last village in Anjaw district, near the China border, has a huge potential in horticulture. Fruits like apple, peach, plum, kiwi, walnut, etc, are grown here but not cultivated commercially.
Because of the village’s isolated location, the farmers here had never attended any training programme on agriculture and allied sectors before.
Plant pathology SMS Dr Senpon Ngomle briefed the farmers on the role of the KVK in agriculture and allied areas, while horticulture SMS Rebecca Eko made a PowerPoint presentation on the cultivation and economic potential of kiwi.
Gaon burah Kheti Mayor also spoke.