Safety of women a priority, say citizens on IWD

[ Junroi Mamai & Nellie Manpoong ]
Discussions on why women need a day dedicated to them has often raised questions and sometimes led to arguments amongst people with disparity in ideologies. Nevertheless, this International Women’s Day, we spoke to a few women and mostly men -to share their thoughts on the day, on how women have made an impact in their lives, and on womanhood. Most of those who we spoke to shared their insecurities regarding the safety and security pertaining to women. Their concerns are not misplaced.
According to the statistics available with the state police, 226 rape cases were reported between 2015-2017 (Nov) while 592 cases of crime against women were registered. These are just the reported cases. We are not doing well at the national levels either, as a report released by the Ministry of Women and Child Development on November 2017 has placed Arunachal at 26 out of the 30 Indian states in the Gender Vulnerability Index (GVI).
Bikram Siga(JE, PWD): “It is essential to celebrate Women’s Day and let the women in our lives know that we appreciate all the efforts they put in, even if we do not say or show it often. My mother and wife have made the most positive impact on my life and they have always helped me to be a better person.
Since I have two daughters, I’m also concerned for their safety with recurring news of crimes against women and children. I believe we should teach our children self defense to be on the safer side, but it is up to the authorities to ensure that crimes are prevented. After all, a single person cannot fight off a group of attackers.”
While these men and women had enriching and empowering words to say, we have women from the past to thank, for without their struggles, many of us would still be buried somewhere in the pages of history.
As women, we can only hope that we leave behind a place that is better and safer for the next generation of females.
Goi Nyodu(Journalist): “Women are far more superior to men. They are more sincere and always give their cent percent efforts to achieve better results. They really need to be in the forefront whether in government service or business.
Women in our state are an excellent example of how women when given the opportunity can achieve success in the field of business.
Growing up, I was influenced a lot by my grandmother and mother, whose advise I value the most. They are my pillar of support; they have always been there to support me make some of the most important decisions of my life.
The rising crime against women and children is highly condemnable and discouraging for a progressive society. Our state’s law enforcement is sadly, not strong enough to deal to with such crimes. Moreover, I think it is time we as a society change our mindset towards gender roles. Parents should start by teaching their sons to respect women and at the same time support their daughters become strong and independent women”.
KK Rajesh(Asst. Registrar, NERIST): “Fast tracking of all cases related to crime against women and children is necessary to ensure speedy justice in such cases. The authorities should also ensure that emergency helplines for women are working and are equipped with necessary wherewithal. Also, schools, colleges and universities need to take urgent measures to ensure safety of girl students. People also need to know if there is any redressal mechanism in all the schools of the state as per CBSE or in colleges and universities as per UGC/AICTE.”
Shirap Zangmu(Journalist): “I think the role of women in our society has always remained underrated. Women need to put in more effort than their male counterparts to prove their worth. I am a working women and I know that irrespective of the profession they are engaged in, women have to constantly do better to get noticed and be heard. Celebrating Womens’ Day, a day dedicated to the achievements and empowerment of women is a reminder to all the women they are special and their roles in the society irreplaceable.”
Olina Lego Gao(ADO): “Women were earlier seen as a symbol of housekeeping, but their roles have changed dramatically over the years. Men are also changing their mindset and viewing women as equal partners now. While some men may still be intimidated by a strong, independent woman, it is for the society to accept this positive change and raise our daughters to be strong individuals. We should learn to acknowledge and appreciate the change in gender roles.”
Techi Topu(Entrepreneur): “Women’s Day should certainly be celebrated, but not only in large towns and cities, where most women are already empowered. It is essential that the day be celebrated in the rural areas, where women are unaware of their rights and receive some knowledge through the celebration. A woman should explore her potential and be more than just a house maker, but she should also never lose touch of what makes her different from us men. Where men fall weak, women rise up; and that makes women and womanhood special.”