Longte festival begins

ITANAGAR, Apr 9: The celebration of Longte, one of the oldest festivals of the Nyishi tribe, began across the state on Sunday.
Nyishi Art and Culture Welfare Society (NACWS) chairman Bengia Tabb attended the festival at Nyokum Lapang here.
He said celebration of festival promotes communal harmony, helps preserve the state’s culture and traditions, and carries forward the message of past generations to the present.
“Longte has neither ritual sacrificing nor chanting, which makes it unique and different from other harvest festivals of the state,” he said.
The festival also commemorates the separation of human beings from evil forces by a barricade – a practice that dates back to time immemorial.
“To get rid of evil spirits, people living in villages began to construct barricades. These barricades are set up for the welfare of the people,” Tabb said.
He expressed serious concern over the increasing incidences of drugs abuse, rape and murder in different parts of the state.
“There is a need for construction of another barricade in the society to get rid of such evils,” he said.
Emphasizing the need for protection of the girl child, Tabb urged the youths to come forward and work for the betterment of the society.
Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Itanagar Police Station, Tabi Bage called for promotion of Longte festival and its significance to the outside world.
Earlier in the morning, Yumlam Achung, the organizing chairman of the Longte-2018 Celebration Committee Nyokum Lapang, Itanagar, hoisted the Longte flag, which was followed by cultural presentations by artistes from different parts of the capital complex and districts.