PPA slams govt over unsolved murder cases

ITANAGAR, May 18: The People’s Party of Arunachal (PPA) on Friday slammed the state government for its alleged failure to solve various murder cases, some of which, the party said in a press release, are high-profile ones.
“The state has witnessed several murders in recent years, and most of the cases have remained unsolved, maybe due to incompetence of the police department, or because the police/investigating authority are being pressurized by people in power,” the party said.
It added that the police succumbing to pressure from people in power “also is incompetence.”
Citing some of the murder cases, like that of Migrik Lomi, Toko Yame, Ojing Taying, and Ngurang Pinch, and sympathizing with the victims of the Tawang firing incident, the PPA said, “Cases without witnesses take time to solve. It is understood. But some of these instant cases happened in the presence of witness (es).”
According to the party, the perpetrators of some the murder cases are still roaming free.
“At a time when the families of the victims are demanding CBI inquiry into the cases after losing faith in the SITs and getting fed up with frequent transfer of investigating officers, the state government’s reluctance to hand over the cases to the CBI for investigation raises a big question mark,” the PPA added.