Court asks for disposal of representation

ITANAGAR, May 25: Following the court order, petitioner no 1 Champa Siga has re-submitted her representation to the education secretary and requested for disposal of it at the earliest.
Hearing the WP(C) 60 (AP) 2018 filed by petitioner Champa Siga (J/T, SSA) and six others against the state of Arunachal Pradesh and four others, the Gauhati High Court Itanagar Permanent Bench in its order dated May 17 has granted the liberty to the petitioner no 1 to re-submit her representation dated 12.12.2017 to the state education secretary with a certified copy of the court order.
The HC in its ruling said that ‘on re-submission of such representation, the education secretary, GoAP, shall dispose of the said representation within a period of one month.
Earlier, the petitioners had submitted representation on December 12, 2017 specifically pertaining to the notification for conducting the APTET. The claims made by the petitioners is that the notification does not have authority to have retrospective effect, hence the said notification cannot be imposed upon the petitioners as they were already in-service prior to the issue of the APTET notification in the state.