DDSE trains gun on opium-addict teachers

LONGDING, Jun 5: Longding Deputy Director of School Education (DDSE) Mongal Taki on Monday issued a strict order to teachers who are addicted to opium to immediately give up the vice or face the music.
The notification has been issued following complaints from parents and the public that many teachers in the district are opium addicts and have been found neglecting their duties, due to which the students have been showing very poor results in examinations conducted by the CBSE.
“The teachers, by profession are the role model of the students and the society as a whole. Any wrongdoing by the teachers could misguide many,” the DDSE said in the order.
There also complaints that some of the teachers have disgraced themselves beyond vindication. Reportedly, they attend classes in shaggy dresses, chewing betel nut, and do not even hesitate to ask for tobacco from the students when they fall short of the substance.
The DDSE directed all the teachers to be punctual and dutiful, and said those who are found guilty may be suspended or terminated from their jobs without prior notice.
“I cannot tolerate defaming my institution and its sanctity just because of a handful of teachers who are addicted to opium and other narcotic drugs,” he said.
“There are many dedicated and sincere teachers in my department who are working hard to bring some changes in the society through education, whereas a few others have shamefully forgotten their responsibilities as teachers due to their addiction to opium and wine,” he added. (DIPRO)