BCC demands CBI probe in compensation issue

ITANAGAR, Jun 8: Yachuli Block Congress Committee (BCC) president Taba Appa has sought a CBI inquiry into the land compensation imbroglio that is threatening to derail major highway projects in Lower Subansiri district.
A series of allegations of corruption in distribution of compensation money for the Joram-Koloriang road and the Potin-Ziro stretch under the Trans-Arunachal Highway (TAH) have rocked the state.
In a statement, Appa on Friday questioned the BJP government’s silence over the whole issue.
“What happened to the promise of corruption-free government? It seems the saffron party has forgotten its promise and is dirtying itself under corruption. It is a big failure of the BJP government. If they are really sincere about fighting corruption, hand over the case to the CBI,” Appa dared.
He also sought the arrest of all those involved in the matter.
“Many people who are actually going to be affected by the highway projects got meagre amounts of money as compensation. But powerful people in collusion with corrupt officials have got huge compensations though they don’t own structures. The government should ensure that all the people involved in this compensation scandal are arrested and put behind bars,” Appa said.
He claimed that although he himself owns several major buildings along the proposed highway, he did not receive compensation. “But people who did not own any structures have been paid huge compensation.”