Forum expresses shock over surrendering of compensation amounts

ITANAGAR, Jun 10: The Land Affected People’s Forum (LAPF) of the Joram- Koloriang TAH project under Pistana and Deed circles in Lower Subansiri district has expressed shock over the reported surrendering of compensation amounts (by cheques) by 600 affected people.
“We are shocked to learn that half of the cheques issued by the competent authority, which were already deposited in various banks, were sealed by the fact-finding committee. How come the 600 cheques were collected from the innocent beneficiaries as appeared in local dailies?” the LAPF said in a release.
It said the fact-finding committee, following the government order, is scrutinizing all the issues pertaining to the Joram-Koloriang TAH project and the Potin to Bopi road.
“We are also astonished to see some documents which are being circulated on social media in the name(s) of one Likha Maj’s kith and kin, alleging them of siphoning huge amount in the name of compensation, which is a manufactured documents created by some persons with vested interests only to malign the image of Likha Maj,” it said.
“As of now, all the relevant documents have been sealed by the fact-finding committee for evaluation,” the release said.
“We, the LAPF are fighting tooth and nail from the very beginning for the common interest and still fighting for the genuine beneficiaries. We are not working under any political influence or in favour of any individuals,” the release said.
The LAPF also condemned the newly-formed Land Affected Justice Forum (LAJF) for calling the former a bogus committee. It urged the newly-appointed president of the LAJF and his team to refrain from making such allegation and give a free hand to the fact-finding committee to find out the truth.
“The LAPF is a people’s forum comprised of Talo, New Pania, Neelam, Deed and Dem villages,” it said.
The LAPF expressed its readiness to cooperate with any authority or organization to investigate the allegation levelled against Likha Maj, Neelam Obi and Toko Neer, against whom allegation of siphoning off huge compensation amounts without having required standing structures has been levelled.
“Such baseless and concocted allegation without doing a cross check may lead to legal complicacy,” it said.
The LAPF alleged that the committee headed by Likha Tongum was sponsored by the Yachuli MLA, and its aim was to sabotage the works of the fact-finding committee.
“We the LAPF want road for Kurung Kumey, Kra-Daadi and Lower Subansiri. But due to such unwanted interference by the ‘unrecognized’ forum, the land acquisition process has been halted and delayed and the LAJF will solely be responsible party for this,” the release said.
The LAPF appealed to the state government and the chairman of the fact-finding committee to lift the freeze order on beneficiaries’ cheques for all those genuine beneficiaries who have already deposited their cheques in various banks.
It further appealed to not completely cancel the already issued cheques, which, the LAPF said, may lead to law and order problems in the area.