Tadar Anang is a shining example of hard work

Dear Editor,
At a time, when the entire state is faced with the repeated poor and disastrous performance in CBSE/ AISSE examinations, a young boy, Tadar Anang, born to a farmer couple of remote village Leyang in Kurung Kumey district is making the headlines for his breakthrough innovation- G4B ( GOOGLE FOR BLIND) .
He is the testimony of pure hard work and sheer determination despite the numerous hardship.
In fact , for the scores of unions, organisations and unemployed youths looking for result effortlessly, this must be an eye opener as there is a saying ” Hard work has no substitute”.
Having said that, this young scientist is nominated by GOI to represent India and in particular Arunachal Pradesh at the young scientist forum in South Africa on 25th June 2018. The participating countries include Brazil, Russia, China and South Africa. This is a proud moment for the entire state and in particular for the entire members of Abu Maj family. We wish you all the best for your bright future.
Yours ,
Abu Maj family