Place of Mother Teresa’s sojourn converted to pilgrimage centre

BORDURIA, Aug 3: The place in Borduria village, in Tirap district, where St Mother Teresa stayed during her visit to Arunachal Pradesh 25 years ago, has been converted into a prayer and pilgrimage centre.
Mother Teresa had visited Arunachal on 1 August, 1999. To celebrate the event, the people of the village converted the room the saint had stayed in into a prayer and pilgrimage centre of the Miao diocese on 1 August.
Archbishop Thomas Menamparampil, who had accompanied Mother Teresa during her visit, blessed the room in the presence of bishops from various parts of the Northeast, youths, and village leaders.
The archbishop recalled how difficult it was in those days to bring Mother Teresa to Arunachal. He appreciated the support given by Wanglat Lowangcha and his family during Mother Teresa’s visit.
Bishops Peter Remgius from Kottar, Joseph Aind from Dibrugarh, and Paul Mattekatt from Diphu were present on the occasion.