A profusion of speed breakers on NH 13

[ Litem Eshi Ori ]
PASIGHAT, Aug 14: National Highway 13, which connects Siang, West Siang, Upper Siang and Lower Dibang Valley districts, is laid with an excessive number of speed breakers.
The Ruksin to Pasighat route, which is only 36 kms in length and could once be covered within 35 to 40 minutes at the speed of 40 kms per hour, now takes one hour to be covered because of the speed breakers. The route has 23 speed breakers on it, which causes great inconvenience to commuters, security personnel, passenger vehicles, etc.
It is worth mentioning that this road connects to the military stations in Sigar and Rayang. However, owing to the excessive number of speed breakers, security personnel, fire brigade and even vehicles ferrying emergency patients face problems in reaching their destinations on time.
Also, there are speed breakers on the NH-13 without yellow or white stripes on them, making it difficult to judge their distance. Signboards to warn of speed breakers ahead have not been set up. Even those which have been installed are camouflaged by trees or other such impediments, posing a danger to commuters.
The East Siang district administration had convened a meeting on 23 July and constituted a board to find out the necessity of having so many speed breakers on the highway, after receiving a complaint from the All Bogong Students’ Union and others demanding removal of the excess speed breakers constructed along NH 13 from Ruksin to Mebo.
The board has been directed to submit a report within 15 days.