Centre deceiving country in Rafale scam: Congress

ITANAGAR, Sep 1: Assam PCC general secretary Bobbeeta Sharma attacked the BJP government at the Centre for “deceiving the people of the country in the Rafale scam,” which she termed “the biggest defence scam in the history of independent India.”
“The AICC is organizing press meets all over the country to take the Rafale defence scam to the people of the country,” she said.
Sharma, who was deputed by the AICC to address the press meet at Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan here on Saturday, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi had done the greatest disservice to the country by snatching away the offset contract from the public sector undertaking Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and giving it away to a private company, the Reliance Defence Limited.
“HAL not only lost the Rs 30,000 crore offset contract, but also the Rs 1 lakh crore life-cycle cost contract of over 50 years over and above the Rs 30,000 crore offset contract,” said Sharma.
“Why has the PM favoured a private company with zero experience in manufacturing aircraft, maintenance, repair and upgradation, and rejected a public sector undertaking that has years and decades of experience in manufacturing aircrafts?” she questioned.
Sharma also questioned Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman with regard to the denial of giving offset contract to any partner, which, according to the Congress party leader, “was false, as is evident in the 2016 annual report of Dassault.”
The Congress party maintained that “as an opposition, it is duty bound to expose the lies and the web of deceit woven by the BJP government led by Modi and aided by his defence minister, to the people of the country, since the people of the country have a right to know the truth.”
Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee vice-presidents Minkir Lollen and Rajen Nani, APCC spokesperson Bida Taku, general secretaries Chera Taya, Taring Dui and Yabom Lomdak, spokesperson Mina Toko, social media coordinator Bem Maching and other PCC office bearers were also present at the press meet.